Pumpernickel Pumpkin Man!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

I am totally in love with this guy! He is my pumpkin man!! I started working on him for Halloween but didn’t finish it in time! I set it aside for the next year and now here we are! He is finished!!

Do not sell, reproduce, or change the pattern itself in any way! You are welcome to sell your completed products, just make sure to refer to me as the designer! Please make sure to tag me @crochetwizzard #crochetwizzard!


© Worsted weight yarn

o Orange, green, blue, and pants color

© Hook size 3.5mm (E)

© 10mm Safety Eyes, or an alternative form of eyes

© Stitch Marker

© PolyFill

© Tapestry Needle, and extra-long needle (optional)

© Scissors

© Sewing Pins


© Rd(s)- Round(s)

© MR- Magic Ring

© Sc- Single Crochet

© Hdc- Half Double Crochet

© Dc- Double Crouchet

© Sl St- Slip Stitch

© St(s)- Stitch(s)

© Inc- Increase

© Dec- Invisible Decrease

o In front loops only pick up the next two loops, yarn over, and pull through twice.

© P- Picot

o Ch 3 and sl in the third ch from hook.

© FO- Fasten Off

© FLO- Front Loop Only

© BLO- Back Loop Only


© Magic Ring Alternative- chain 2 and single crochet in the second chain from the hook.

© This will be crocheted in the round.

© If not specified or in () repeat to the end of the round.

© Stuff as you go.


Feet- (make 2)


Ch 7

Rd 1: sc in 2 ch from the hook, 4 sc, 3 sc in the last ch, flip over and sc on the other side of the ch, sc 4, inc (14)

Rd 2: inc, sc 4, inc x3, sc 4, inc x2 (20)

Rd 3: inc, sc 5, (inc, sc) x3, sc 4, (inc, sc) x2 (26)

Rd 4-6: sc around (26) (3 rounds)

Rd 7: sc 5, (sc, dec) x4, sc 9 (22)

Rd 8: sc 6, dec x4, sc 8 (18)

Rd 9: sc 4, dec x3, sc 8 (15)

Rd 10-15: sc around (15) (6 rounds)

Switch to pants color Stuff

Rd 16: BLO sc around (15)

Rd 17-22: sc around (15) (6 rounds)

FO the first leg, but not the second one.


You will be placing your st marker in a new spot in this round.

Rd 23: Line up the legs, making sure that the feet are pointing the same direction, sc 4, ch 2, sc on the other leg and place your st marker, sc 14, sc 2 across the ch, sc 15 around the other leg, sc 2 on the other side if the ch (34)

Rd 24-31: sc around (34) (8 rounds)

Change to shirt color Stuff

Rd 32: BLO sc around (34)

Rd 33: sc 3, dec, sc 7, dec, sc 7, dec, sc 6, dec, sc 3 (30)

Rd 34-35: sc around (30)

Rd 36: sc 3, dec (24)

Rd 37-38: sc around (24)

Rd 39: sc 2, dec (18)

Rd 40-41: sc around (18)

Rd 42: sc, dec (12)

Rd 43-44: sc around (12) Stuff

FO leaving a long tail to sew the head on.

To make the cuff insert your hook into the FLO of rd 16 from pants through the st toward the leg and sc around, st to the first st, FO and sew in the ends.

Arms- (make 2)


Rd 1: sc 6 in MR

Rd 2: inc (12)

Rd 3: sc 2, inc (16)

Rd 4-6: sc around (16) (3 rounds)

Rd 7: sc 2, dec (12)

Rd 8: sc, dec (8)

Rd 9-13: sc around (8) (5 rounds)

Rd 14: BLO sc around (8)

Change to shirt color.

Rd 15-17: sc around (8) (3 rounds) Stuff part of the way before closing.

Rd 18: fold in half and sc through both sides 4 times.

FO leaving a tail for sewing.

To make the cuff insert your hook into the FLO of rd 14 from shirt through the st toward the arm and sc around, st to the first st, FO and sew in the ends.

Sew arms between rds 39 and 40.


Pants color

Center the suspenders with 6 sc between the 2 suspenders on the front and the back of your pumpkin man.

Sc around the post of the first rd of the shirt in the front of the body, ch 20, skip 9 sts around the side of the body, sc on the back side. If the suspender doesn’t fit over the arm properly, you may need to adjust how many ch you need. Repeat to make the second suspender.

FO and sew in the ends.

For the strap across the chest, you will start about 5 ch up and just below the arms. Sc, ch 5, sc on the other suspender just as high as the other side, about 5 ch up.

Row 1: sl st 1 ch on the suspender, turn and sc across the ch, sl st on the other suspender.

FO and sew in the ends. You can leave a longer tail to tack the suspenders in place.


Pumpkin Part-


Rd 1: sc 6 in MR

Rd 2: sc, inc (12)

Rd 3: sc 1, inc (18)

Rd 4: sc 2, inc (24)

Rd 5: sc 3, inc (30)

Rd 6: sc 4, inc (36)

Rd 7: sc 5, inc (42)

Rd 8: sc 6, inc (48)

Rd 9: sc 7, inc (54)

Rd 10: sc 8, inc (60)

Rd 11-20: sc around (60) (10 rounds) insert eyes between rds 13 and 14, 8 sts apart.

Rd 21: sc 8, dec (54)

Rd 22: sc 7, dec (48)

Rd 23: sc 6, dec (42)

Rd 24: sc 5, dec (36)

Rd 25: sc 4, dec (30)

Rd 26: sc 3, dec (24) Stuff very loosely so that you can have room to form it.

Rd 27: sc 2, dec (18)

Rd 28: sc, dec (12)

Rd 29: dec (6)

FO leaving a long tail to create the bumps of the pumpkin. Close the gap by slipping the needle through the FLO and pulling tight.

To create the bumps, you start by inserting your tapestry needle through the hole you just closed up and the MR at the bottom. Pull tight to create the sunken-in look. *Now you will take the needle and insert your needle back through the pumpkin through the top to the bottom like the first time and pull tight. This will create an indent on the outside. Continue to repeat from * 5 more times to create 6 bumps, so wrapping around 6 times total. To help get the bumps even you can do one line and then come up and down with the yarn being wrapped around the opposite side to complete the “line” across the pumpkin and continue to do that around the pumpkin. FO and sew in the ends.



These next several steps; stem, leaf, vine are all made as one piece without FO.

Rd 1: sc 6 in MR

Rd 2: inc (12)

Rd 3: BLO sc around (12)

Rd 4: sc around (12)

Rd 5: sc, dec (8)

Rd 6-7: sc around (8)

Sl st but don’t FO.


This will not be crocheted in rounds, it will be crocheted in rows.

Ch 6

Row 1: in 2nd ch from hook (sc 6, ch 1) and turn. The sc are all in the same ch to make it so the leaf is loose.

Row 2: (sc, hdc), (dc, p, dc, hdc), (sc, hdc), (dc, p, dc, hdc), (sc, hdc, dc), p, (dc, hdc, sc), sl st in the ch loop. Sl st 3 along the ch, sl st in the same space as before you started the leaf in the stem

Sc around the stem


Ch 15 or 18, sc 2 in the 2 ch from the hook, 2 sc in each ch, sl st in same st, ch 12 or 15, sc 2 in the 2 ch from the hook and every other ch, sl st in the same st

Ch 1, on the other side of the leaf (sc, inc), sl st on the base of the vine.

FO and sew to the top of the pumpkin, stuffing as you go, and sew in ends.

Sew the pumpkin to the top of the body. Continue to stuff the neck to help prevent a floppy neck.

I would love to see your pictures! Please tag me in your pictures,

@crochetwizzard #crochetwizzard!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! You can direct message me on Facebook or Instagram at @crochetwizzard or email me at crochetwizzardd@gmail.com.


Thanks! The CrochetWizzard!

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